Fleet Service in Austin, TX

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Preventative Maintenance Service

Your business or organization's fleet will remain on the road as long as you have an effective service plan. Friendly Car Care in Austin, TX knows that this doesn't happen by itself. It requires a qualified technician to give your fleet the attention it deserves. You don't have time to worry about fleet performance because you're focused on making money. Leave the vehicle performance to us and we'll make sure your fleet doesn't skip a beat. Any vehicle that is required to hit the road on an extended and consistent basis will need closer attention than a regular motorist. Your vehicles will remain fully-operational and in regular rotation because you've allowed our master technicians to design a service plan. Preventative maintenance services like oil changes, oil filter changes, fluid services, tune-ups, diagnostics, and maintenance inspections are part of our quality fleet services. Protect your fleet and keep it on the road by scheduling an appointment with Friendly Car Care.

Complete Fleet Repair & Maintenance

Your fleet is supposed to be on the road at all times, or at least a consistent rotation. Any time spent in our garage for repairs means you're not making money like you want to. Our master technicians will save you from time-consuming and expensive time off the road. As with any of our services, we want to avoid costly repairs. This time off the road is detrimental to any business or organization's operation. Friendly Car Care is able to give you the biggest return on your investment in your fleet's quality road travel. Every auto repair begins with a quick but thorough diagnostic service. All we need is your vehicle at our shop on a consistent schedule. We're able to design this service plan for you so that you never have to worry about losing time on the road. Take your fleet's performance to the next level and keep it there with Friendly Car Care!

Schedule Your Fleet Service Today!

A consistent schedule will pay big dividends in the end. A fleet can end up being a liability with time spent off the road for costly gas or diesel engine repairs. Our team has the same objective that you do, avoiding them altogether. We know how to give your fleet the attention that it deserves on the schedule that it needs. Find out the truth about what's happening under the hood with our expert diagnostic services. When you know what's happening early enough, you can receive the timely maintenance and complete repairs that will keep your fleet productive. Give us a call today at 512-821-3300 to schedule an appointment. Next time you're in the area-9110 Burnet Road-feel free to stop by and meet our fleet service experts.